A long weekend away....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We were lucky and after changing the workdays in the whole country, we had a long weekend (4 days) free. We had a nice short holiday in August with friends where we decided to make a new mini holiday for ourselves and spend these days (only 3 days at the end) in the countryside together.

We started on Thursday and had lunch together in a nice restaurant. it was quite adventurous as the first restaurant where we met was full so we had to find another one. But we travelled separately so we had to organize the whole thing again. Finally we had lunch at 3.30 (poor O., a friend of mine was starving even at 1 o'clock).
We were fifteen, thirteen 'adults' (we are said to be adults compare to our ages, but in fact...khm... old teenagers maybe?) and two sweet kids (friends' sons).

We arrived to our accommodation quite late. We saw the sunset on our way:

The place we stayed in was beautiful. This was the view of the terrace:

We ate a lot. We had wonderful food there. Thanks for the chef! Here is a dessert:

It is autumn here, but I have found some beautiful plants. The first one is one of my favourites. It has the nicest colour on Earth (orange), but its name in my language is a bit sad, we call it 'Smelly'(tagates patula):

Here is a close-up of a bush we saw next to the road.

And this is a pine tree. I loved its leaves. They look funny:

The idea of this picture came from a friend. We visited the castle of an Earl. In its beautiful garden there was a lake with lots of fish inside. We made a picture about the plants and their shadows on the water. I really like it. :

Another plant next to the road on a wall. Colours of autumn:

The last picture is the view of another castle. The lake and a forest. Isn't it beautiful?

It was a lovely weekend. Thanks guys for organizing it! I enjoyed it very much, I hope you feel the same. Unfortunately I didn't make pics in the spa which was also fun. When is the next one?


Maureen said...

Hey Doti
You left a comment over on Kenmaurs corner....thanx heaps!
I thought you were "somebody else" VBG....you know you're NOT!!
(how did you find KMC?? anyway)

Your "smelly" is a Marigold 'something or other'sure they they BAD but aren't they a bright happy colour?
As for my garden,in southeast Qld,if things don't grown with water and some 'sweet-talk' :-)
it's not worth the worry!
Maureen in Woody Point,Q

patchwitch said...

Hi Maureen,
thanks for jumping in :D
I found you through the forum. (I am trying to find nice friends there)
and the garden is lovely...I don't have garden as I live on the 11th floor of a block, only 4 pots... And I am a very bad gardener :(
and a question: what does VBG mean?

Maureen said...

Oh of course!
Doti from Hungary.......so sorry my friend (my head has been a bit confused lately)
VBG stands for "very big grin/smile" a term a lot of us use when we are happy.
Yes,I have made some wonderful friends through the forum.
As for my garden,living in a sub-tropical area makes gardening easy (most of the time) trouble is we are now going into our hot,wet season and weeds grow faster than I can pull them out!

patchwitch said...

thanks for the VBG (I have to improve my English all the time)....
and no problem, I am happy you have found me :D