My fishy T-shirt

Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is another old project again.

I have made it 2 years ago. I did Irish step dance at that time. Unfortunately I had an accident and my ankle is not perfect so I had some problem with it, and I stopped dancing. Since then I have knee problems as well but I so hate doctors I don't dare to visit them and show them my legs. I know I am stupid but I hope they will become better somehow without doctors and medicines. I do not have problems with playing basketball so I am for it now and I hope once I can go back to step dance.

Irish dancers use black clothes that is why I chose a simple black T-shirt from the nearest cheap sports shop.
One of my teacher was a fish-lover person so I decided to make a T-shirt with fishes. I am not very good at drawing so I found some pics about fishes. I draw them and not copied totally so finally they were a bit of my 'taste' and style.

It is a very simple design I used only white. The tricky part is that I used puffy dye so they bilge. (You have to wait for drying then iron it to become puffy.) The dye looks white but it is fluorescent. I looked quite funny in a dark room. It is simple but the contrast and the puffy fishes make it special so it became one of the favourites of my teacher. Unfortunately it is not so nice now after lots of washing. (The good thing is that you can take off the 'half gone' fish and draw another instead. I am not worried at all - I still have some of the dye so I can 'refresh' the T-shirt.)