Advent calendar 1. - Old one

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

First, dear Readers, I am so sorry to leave you without comments in the last few days.

As I am very busy with gifts (and they are still top secrets...) here is an old present. This was made 4 or 5 years ago to my stepfather. I found some fabric (used for the pockets) in a close shop, so I had to cut it into small pieces. I was a real beginner at that time, so it took me a while (I know it is very simple but that day I didn't have to much experience to help me...).

The red fabric was a very old one sitting under the bed in a box in my mum's flat. She used it for a skirt I think, but a piece was left in the box.

I wanted to embroider the numbers but at that time I found a new dye in my friend's hobby shop. It is called 'puffy dye' or something like that. You have to write the number you want, wait for some hours to dry then iron it from the wrong side of the fabric and when you heat, it becomes puffy. (I used the same dye on the fishy T-shirt).

It is a really simple design, but I hope it will give you a bit of Christmas feeling.... (Sorry for the picture, this is the best I have..... of course the original is red instead of pink...)

And I am back to this year's top secret sewing project (or at least to on e of them )...