A bit of a cross stitch

Friday, October 5, 2007

It is another thing again. I love cross stitch as well.... Unfortunately everyone around me hates it, but not my mum, so sometimes I made her some little pressies. (I don't want to give her cross stitched things all the time of course.) This is the last tablecloth I made her for her birthday in March.

I found the pattern in an old mag, but I found it perfect into her cottage. Originally this design was made for a fabric which had the green lines on it. But I became ill and I couldn't go out for weeks as I had pneumonia, so I used the aida I had at home, a normal, white one. As I was in bed and had quite a lot of time (which is unusual) I decided to embroider the lines as well. (It took me really-really long time.)

Finally I made this tablecloth, I cross stitched the plants and fruits. I used autumn colours which I liked very much.

I have to admit I ironed the fabric (but unfortunately it can't be seen... I don't know why.)


Solstitches said...

Doti the table cloth you did for your mum is just beautiful!
I love cross stitch and do a lot of it - what's not to like?
I think this was a real labour of love that your mum will treasure always.