Sooooo busy

Monday, October 8, 2007

I am sooo busy today.... I am working on a secret project. It is a secret so I can't say anything.

And unfortunately I didn't have time to wash my dyed fabrics... I am going to try it tomorrow...

Now I am back to sewing. Did I tell you how awful is to sew black fabrics with black thread in a semi-dark room?
You see only half of the work, sometimes in a lucky moment you can see the thread as well, but you have to use your fingers and feelings to be able to continue your work in the 'blind' moments. That is what I tried, but then I had to use more light, so now it is not that bad.

Plus I have to make a Christmas thingie with its pattern before the weekend. I go on a long weekend holiday with the internet pw friends of mine. All of us take a Christmas something so we can get some good ideas before December. Hopefully everyone can see something new for this year. My biggest problem is that I am not sure what to make, but I have two ideas so I need only one more choice. Then a night work with it and be proud of it (hopefully).
So these are the plans, you can see I don't have time to write a long post today..... Happy day to you, too!