Monday, October 22, 2007

These days half of my thoughts are around post and postcards. Firstly because of the Aussie Advent Swap - I become more and more excited about it. Plus because of the nice Ladies on forum who offered my so kindly to send some magazines. So I am thinking about post all the time.

That is why I have chosen to show you my postcards today.
I have only two cards. They were made this summer for my friends' weddings. I found some nice examples on a friends website when she showed the how to and some nice postcards. It was easy. I have just followed her instructions.

The first postcard was made for two of my colleagues. They got married a week after the school finished in July. Ten colleagues were invited so we decided to make a present together. We bought a bench and burnt their names, two pigeons and two hearts in it. I thought that a hand made postcard signed by all the colleagues would be a good idea.

I looked for small and bigger pieces of white fabric and some lace (inherited from my mother-in-law). After I put all the white fabrics together I decided to make some ribbon embroidery, too. I have made two cream roses plus the first letters of their names ( T and C) on the top. I gave two silk hearts and machine stitched the whole postcard. We used textile markers to sign the 'postcard' side.

The other one was made on the same week as the other wedding took place on the same day. This was the wedding of my childhood best friend, so I wanted to give something what can be a remain. I used white fabrics again (colour of weddings). I didn't want to make something very similar, so i made it more simple, only fabric and lace. Unfortunately I didn't have a pastell textile marker so I used dark green (green and cream were the colours of the wedding) to write their names in the middle of the heart. It was too apparent, so I put a thin white fabric on to hide it a bit. i think it was nice and special at the end. My friend was very happy with it.

It was fun to make them but I always have problems with time so I think I will make these kind of present only for really big occasions.