Fabrics, hurray!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

This is a Saturday post :D
I went to the exhibition on Saturday, but in the morning I jumped in a very good (but unfortunately quite expensive) craft shop, where I bought some pressies for the advent swap I will have with the Australian ladies (it is still unbelievable:D) I like that shop as they have very nice things, it is good to go there and buy goodies.
(I don't put any pressie pics here as I want to keep them as surprise).

Then I went to the Castle where the exhibition took place. We had a meeting with my online patchwork friends which is always fun as you sometimes see people who you know only from the computer and some friends from the countryside who you meet once or twice in a year. I got nice little pressies from some friends and I talked a lot and had fun.
Usually there are some shops there selling their things in the hall of the exhibition. I bought lots of fabric there. They are all for Christmas.

Finally I went to sleep to a friend in this town who had two other guests as well. You can imagine, four ladies talking half night and laugh a lot. (That's why I write this post on Sunday...)