Water everywhere

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So I started to wash all the fabrics I dyed at the weekend. I thought that would be an hour or so to wash them, but finally I spent more than 3 hours with washing and rinse, washing and rinse, washing and rinse... My wrist is just... you know...out of game... or out of work...

So finally I was ready and put everything into the washing machine. Hmm, when I went to the bathroom to check if the program is over, there was water everywhere in the bathroom. The end of the pipe which goes into the bath, fall down and led all the water onto the floor. Luckily it happened somewhere near the end of the programme so we didn't make lake of the whole flat... But washing and mopping half an hour before midnight is not my favourite I think.
Hopefully they are going to be dry tomorrow, so I only have to iron them and can put the pics into my next post...

I am so sorry I was not interesting in the last two posts, I am going to try to do my best in the next days.