Embroidery... a piece

Monday, October 29, 2007

Today I have chosen another old project. I made these last September.

Colleagues in the school decided they needed some student helpers in the corridors. During the break some teachers have to inspect the corridors (if everything goes all right, students behave, there is no accident etc.). They decided that each day two students helped the teachers (another two each days of course).

So we needed something like a badge for these student inspectors. They asked me to make something. I wanted to make something apparent, which is not 'embarrassing' for the teenagers, but teachers like it. (So no skeletons which students asked for....)

I have found an embroidered palm in a mag, it was a part of a quilt. This was the base of my design. It turned out very colourful, like an African pattern. Students were not satisfied (of course) but half of them liked it and some more said it was OK.