Halloween contest 2007 - Hurray!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today is time to be soooo happy!
I wanted to write about other things but then a wonderful thing happened... Arenanet team (the designers of the game Guild Wars) announce the winners of the Halloween Contest 2007.

I made a doll for this contest, a character of the game, named Mad King Thorn. It is a drawn character so I designed patterns for it and sewed it for a doll.
I am proudly tell you it was one of the winners of the contest. Thanks Arenanet! Happy Halloween to you and Happy Halloween to all my Readers! :D
Here is a link: http://www.guildwars.com/events/contests/halloween2007/default.php, to find the picture.

There are some pictures of the little parts
The first thing I made was the body.... A very simple one of five parts (2 legs, 2 arms and a body).

Next were the boots. My first boot (actually I have made shoes or footwear before) designed. They were made of these parts:

After sewing all the parts together, I had this boot:

Then finally I made one more....

The next step was his armor (unfortunately I have no pic about it), then the had. it was not so easy, as it is something like a pumpkin. I got this beautiful orange fabric (for furniture) from an online friend. She was very kind as I was in a hurry, so I didn't have time to go shopping fore ages till finding the prefect fabric. It was perfect for me:D

I was on a meeting with online friends when I made this pumpkin head. I wanted something bright for the eyes (lightning thingy), so I chose organza (actually I got a piece from another friend...) then I had to put some vetex on it, to make it stable. Ironing was not much fun as organza is totally 'plastic' so it does not like ironing. Finally I made the leaves of green plush which I had at home (luckily). Sewn and stitched by machine (the pumpkin is handmade as I had no sewing machine with me).

This is Mad King in his armor, but not totally finished armor.

I made the claws and the belt of plaster. (Which dries on air) and painted the belt with acrylic dye.
Here is the final doll, but more pics on the address below.