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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unfortunately I had been a bit sick, I didn't feel well at all, so I didn't sew anything and I was not able to write posts. But I slept a lot so now I try to sew again. The little witch' s hat is nearly finished now and I'd like to finish her shoes today as well.

I am also busy with the Swap I have my partner, Jopo now, I am so happy with her and I am curious and excited about the swap. I still have some wrapping and I have taken a lot of pics but I don't dare to put them here now.... (Maybe she will jump in to read some time and then she can see the pics too early.)
I still have to make one little present and the main one, so this night (or tomorrow) is for the pressie and then the main one is coming.

I am full of plans for the autumn holiday which started today, so hopefully I can sew (and do not have to sleep more to cure myself).

As this is the week of Halloween, the picture of today is my last year pumpkins... (my second carving) I have carved this huge pumpkin together with my friend (named geszt in this blog:D). It was a real big fun to carve with her, we laughed a lot during the work and I think we could be proud of the pumpkin at the end... Thanks again for the company geszt. :D


Di said...


What a fabulous pumpkin carving. We only seem to do the faces on our pumpkins!


Ágnes said...
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patchwitch said...

Thank you very much Di, I ave enjoyed making this as I worked with a friend and we made it for friends...
I love making things for friends because during the work you can think about your friend and this makes the whole thing fun.