Sewing, just sewing...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today I am so busy sewing (plus it was a hard working day) I am just sewing but cannot show anything.
Let's talk about other things then.

I have made a really long list for Christmas and I do not know how to sew everything. Plus I cannot choose which one to start with.
Currently I am working on 3 different things together which is not the best way to finish some thing every day. I am working on little angels plus big Tildas angels (two parallelly) and the witch of October. This last one must be finished tomorrow, the others are for Christmas, so they are not so urgent.

But yesterday I took part in the Birthday Round too, so I have to think about it, but nothing seems good enough to sew. maybe I am going to ask my B for some help in thinking. He always have such good ideas, so he can be the brain and I am the hand... Perfect combo when I have no idea but he has. :D

Today I am going to start wrapping the pressies for the Advent Swap but I have to make photos before as I have read on forum. So it is going to be a busy evening too. Let's go then!