Yipppiii! They are finished...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally I could finish the washing, drying and ironing... So I can proudly tell you my fabrics are here.

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with them (I really hate it at the end), and now I have a terrible pain in my wrist. That washing was too much for me I think. (It is annoying because I am in a hurry, I have to sew a lot this week.)

Today I washed the last two pieces and ironed the others.
And the best part: I have made these pictures.
This is a technique called shibori. I rolled the fabric on the pipe and tied strings on it (1.5 - 6 cm of each other). Then I crinkled it with the help of the string. I dyed the background colour (it is usually the lighter) and after half an hour of waiting I spread the darker colour (colour of the stripes). I put plastic foil around. That was all. My pipe is 1 m long so I could make 4 fabrics. Here you can see them foiled.

Here is the fabric on the pipe without foil before washing.
Here are the fabrics in the machine waiting for the others.

This is the one I opened first. I used light green and dark violet. Finally it turned out green and brown. (I am going to try to make new photos in sunshine as colours are totally different in real life.)

This is the second one, turquoise and cobalt blue.

This is a closer one just to show the pattern.

For the third one I used red and a darker colour. I wanted to mix bourdon but it turned out dark violet.

And this was the last one on the pipe. Yellow and dark red on top. (This is my favourite I think)

This is the last fabric I want to show you today. It was made on a thinner pipe, the colours are the same as on the first one.

I think this is enough for today. The fabrics of other techniques will be shown tomorrow.
I loved my fabrics so much, but now I have a problem, I don't know which is the nicest or which one to like the best. Which one do you like the best?


miss~nance said...

I think they are all gorgeous.

Margarita said...

Doti they are all lovely, but the turquoise and cobalt blue is my favourite. Margarita

geszt said...

turquoise and cobalt blue here too!

Solstitches said...

Another turqoise lover here too but all of the fabrics are quite beautiful.
Doti, you are very talented.


Solstitches said...
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patchwitch said...

thanks for the nice comments girls :D
so, blue for all :D