Meeting with Christmas feeling

Friday, October 19, 2007

Last weekend we had a meeting in the countryside with my online patchwork friends. It was fun, 2 and a half days together, laughing, sewing and talking of course. The main topic was Christmas, so everyone brought a pattern or her favourite Christmas project with her to show to the others. We could see lots of funny projects. I am going to show some of the projects later, but I don't have pics at the moment.

An other thing was the Christmas presents swap. Each of us made a handmade something and packed it in nice Christmas decoration. We put all the packets together and each got a number. Finally we drew the numbers. Everyone opened her packet in front of the others (in the order of the numbers) so everyone could see the goodies inside.

I got a file covered with fabrics (Christmas fabrics of course) and there was a cross stitch picture sewed on it (winter pattern embroidered with golden thread). I do not put the pic on the blog as I haven't asked for permission, but it is very nice winter present and I like it.

This is a picture of my present. In fact it was only half of my present. This is a little picture (can be used as a Christmas decoration as well). It has a red work muffin in the middle, framed with simple red fabric and the whole thing is machine stitched (there is a 'Merry Christmas' sign and some hollies stitched on it). Thanks for my friend (who got my pressie- it was a funny moment) for the picture, I didn't have one...
(The other half was a polystyrene ball covered with red and green checked fabric, it is a decoration as well, but no picture about it....)

It was a really very good and inspirational weekend, lots of fun together with the ladies. I am still smiling when I am thinking about it! :D