More dyed fabrics...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, sorry I was late with this post. Last time I promised some more photos about last week's dyeing. So you have already seen arashi shiboris.

Now I have to show you the bomaki.
I used a tray for that and put some different dyes. They mixed in the tray and made funny colours for me. Isn't is fun?
Here is my 'cake'. I used orange, red and a mixture (wanted to be bourdon, but it is something like eggplant purple). It wanted to be a fire at the end.... I didn't have to fold the fabric, because this was it is not like a fire, but maybe after cutting it in halves it can be.
These are my fabrics.... Not perfect fire, but I still like them.

I have tried to make a bomaki of cobalt, turquoise and yellow. Here it is:

This is just some cobalt blue dyed in a plastic bag (will suit perfectly to my stormy sea quilt, this can be the border):

This is purple-like something (mixed by me) with the same technique.It is annoying how ugly this is in the picture. Believe me, it is much nicer in real life... It has some really very nice colours... But it is impossible to take a nice photo about it... it seems....
And these are my pieces.... You know rags for cleaning dyes....:D This day I made really nice rags. At least I am pleased with them.
This one was my first one and ma favourite. I am thinking about making a scissors holder of it. But maybe it is not big enough. sigh....

These have strange dark colours. The first one reminds me of the globe.

This one was a white fabric with white pattern on it, but I used a mixture of yellow and turquoise and dyed it green. It is strange because the wrong side has nicer colour now (I think). in this pic you can see both sides and decide which one you prefer. (This colour is also much nicer in real life...)