Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today I am writing about a project I am really proud of. This is a design of me, I have never seen anything similar before, so I was very happy when got compliments.

Of course I saw little bags for bottles in sports shops, but nothing like a house. To tell you the truth I hate to carry the bottles in my hand. I always buy big bottles (1.5 litres) as the small ones are too expensive. On a hot day (or maybe every day) you need to drink a lot, so it is useless to buy small bottles. I decided to make something to carry my bottles in. I didn't want to take a huge bag with me, so I needed something with a handle, so I could put it on my shoulder.

When started sewing I wanted something funny or unique. Then the 'house idea' came to my mind and I started the work.

I measured the bottle of my favourite mineral water (it is stupid but all the bottles are different sized which was a problem as I wanted my bag to be tight) and started to choose fabrics.
I had some 'I-don't-like' fabrics which I dyed before. I cut them into narrow stripes and sew them together, they made the wall of my tower. I used a textile pen to draw the stones (under part....), unfortunately I hadn't tried machine stitching before so I was not brave enough to make the stones by machine.
I wanted to have people in the house, so I imagined owners in the flats. There is one who loves animals (fish in an aquarium), one who drinks a lot (bottles everywhere), one book-lover (bookshelf in flat), one flat is empty and one needs renovation.

There are some flowers in front of the houses (embroidered leaves and button flowers) and my name is painted on the door. The lock of the door and the tiles of the roof are machine stitched.
There is flat batting inside.

I love it! I hope you like it, too.


geszt said...

whoaaa...thats awesome...:O
I'm totally stunned, both the idea and the way you did it are really cool:]

patchwitch said...

thank you geszt:D, aren't you biased?

Maureen said...

LOVE the house!
What a great way you approached the roof.
I can imagine making one for a wine bottle as a gift.

patchwitch said...

I am happy you like it. This is a work I am really proud of, and it is very good for me when I see others like it as well...
So thanks for the nice words :D