Needle painting?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last week during the forum meeting I mentioned before I learned about a new technique, needle painting. There was a lady who is a real expert and makes very nice things although she thinks of herself as an amateur.
Her Christmas surprise present was a needle pained picture. There was a bird in it with a beautiful background of plants, water and bush.

The next day we asked her to show how she did that. She started to make a picture (we could observe) and told us about tips and the technique itself.

It was very interesting for me, I never thought about it before and I decided to try it once. This month our 'doll topic' is making a witch very similar to a given picture. This witch has a border on her skirt. And orange ribbon with black Jack-o-lanterns on it. I was thinking about how to put those pumpkins onto the ribbon when I got the idea of needle painting. I know that this technique originally is for a totally different thing, but I always mix and change everything. So I tried to needle paint the little lanterns on the fabric.

Please look at it as my first try. It could be much nicer, but I made it last night. It was a shame I designed quite a small doll, so I had to sew about 1 cm tall pumpkins. I think it would be easier to make a little bit bigger ones. During sewing I have tried different ways to fill in my pre-drawn lanterns.

This is the ribbon I got. I used simple orange fabric (cotton), vetex (non stick) and normal black thread. I sewed twelve pumpkins.