Thursday, October 18, 2007

I think that is a bigger and bigger problem, that I spend my time in front of my computer and I don't have time to sew. But if I don't sew how will I be able to show you things here?

There are things which are wonderful in patchwork. The best part is crating something, being creative, making some of your dreams come true. I like to think about my projects ("sewing in head"), but sometimes I think too much instead of sewing which is not good at all.
It is also good to know other people with the help of this hobby. Talking about your hobby can be a base of a new friendship. I like using forums and talking to others, meeting new people during this hobby. Sometimes it is not so shiny as you can find some 'not so nice ones' or embarrassing dialogues as well, or you can be a part of a group which you don't like or where you are not liked. Of course it is not easy, but it is like all parts of life, good and bad at the same time, or black and white and grey of course. Today I had both experiences, a really very nice and an embarrassing dialogue.
I think they help us being stronger and they teach us something. These days (as I become older and older) I think we can learn of everything we experience or get in our lives. I have never been a very calm person. I have always been short-tempered which can be very-very bad. Luckily I got my B who taught me to think before doing things. It is not perfect but much better than before. Now I try to see the 'teaching part' of all the situations I have. I still hate conflicts and I try to be on the shiny part of the world.
So now I am on the shiny part. I am happy as I have this blog with you or for you, and for us. This is a good part of my hobby.
And to illustrate the shiny part here is a picture of the best thing on Earth, the sea: